Dunes of Maspalomas

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Gran Canaria Maspalomas

Dunes of Maspalomas

The sex dunes

The Dunes Maspalomas Beach is at the southern end of Gran Canaria near a large area of sand dunes. One of the most famous nudist beaches on Gran Canaria, the sand is said to have blown in from the Sahara desert.
The nudist area is located between the 3rd and 4th booth if you’re walking from Faro de Maspalomas towards Playa del Ingles, or between the 5th and 6th booth if you’re walking in the opposite direction.
Who comes here with the thought of a lot more fun than taking a bath in the sun, this is the place, behind the big dune reverse the kiosk No.4. If you walk on the beach, you have to look after the little kiosk called N4. This is nudist area. It is where most swingers are. Couples and singles with the same intentions can be found there quickly. This is a well-known meeting point in the scene.
It is important not to confuse N4 N7, one is in the gay beach.
In the area behind the N4 is the swinger area. It is marked with poles with red color. Here there are lots of couples and singles are playing and watching. You can be just walking and see others, taking sun baths if you like, or you can play by yourself or with others … it is quite as you like.
Although not everyone’s thing on this island, this is the perfect holiday offer for all the tastes.



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